Thank you for buying my books

Thank you to all those who bought books at the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. Thirty-three of my books were bought. Thank you

Returned To Find Myself Dead

Michael Reyneke, Author of Returned to Find Myself Dead
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By The Book

Today I uploaded a revised version of my short story “By The Book” to

Here are the details:

Michael Reyneke, Author of By The Book
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Save Our Bridge

Category: Fiction » Adventure » War & military adventure

During 1944 of WWII, central Italy’s railroad junctions and bridges were the targets of Allied Spitfire dive bombers. Their accuracy was formidable. The story is about a seventeen-year-old German gunner at one of the bridges.

Save Our Bridge

Wattled Starling at My Birdbath

IMG_6398 (800x506)

My current writing project is a mystery novel…

My current writing project is a mystery novel.
The protagonist, PG Stone, is an ex-forensic photographer who finds a murdered woman in the house he is staying at. Two locals spot Stone photographing the crime scene and accuse him of the murder. The caretaker of the house is his alibi, but she has disappeared.

A New Visitor – A Black-headed Heron

IMG_6377 (742x800)A new visitor in our neighborhood. Black-headed Heron are usually found in marshes, shallows, and open patches of grass away from water. This one was no the roof of the scrap yard behind my house. Photographed at 07:31 on the 09/08/2019

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